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Play with Dani to learn about water, complete challenges, and meet experts.

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Compete against other players individually and in teams to gain rewards and unlock special items.

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About The Project

Through NSF funding and a collaboration with the Smithsonian Latino Center, the Sol y Agua project augments the learning environment of middle school students through the creation of a computer game based on regional issues explored through information overload, virtual simulations, and real world data. The game has a theme of water sustainability and stewardship with an emphasis on information analysis, negotiation, and decision-making. The game immerses students in themes concerning biodiversity, sustainability, and the human impact on the environment. The activities challenge students to make informed decisions regarding water sources, maintenance, environmental factors, and sustainability, among others. The students learn the impact of humans on the environment through data analysis and run experiments in a virtual laboratory with real data. Data visualization allows students to interpret data in new, fun, and meaningful ways. The game has an emphasis in promoting minorities in the Southwest United States towards pursuing careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), where they are largely underrepresented.

Currently, the project is supported by an NSF STEM+C grant that aims on building A Research-Practice Partnership (RPP) for Developing Computational Thinking through Linguistically and Culturally Relevant CS Curriculum in Middle School was awarded funding in Fall 2019.

Click here to download the SolyAgua game!
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